Terra Incognita


Release: November 18, 2011

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Barcode: 4 028466 107411

Band Members:

Ada Flechtner Soprano Vocals, Vocals (choirs)
Mareike Makosch Alto Vocals, Vocals (choirs)
Aria Keramati Noori Guitars
Dirk Baur Bass, Vocals (backing, choirs)
Mats Kurth Drums
Simon Maria Hassemer Keyboards, Piano

Guest/Session Artists:

Gaby Koss Vocals (choirs)
Petra Straussova Vocals (choirs)
Albrecht Lutz Vocals (choirs)
Teddy Möhrke Vocals (choirs)
Ally "The Fiddle" Storch Fiddle

Miscellaneous staff:

Markus Stock Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Dirk Baur Engineering, Mixing, Conductor (choirs)
Łukasz Jaszak Artwork, Cover art

Recorded and mixed 2011 at Klangschmide Studio E, Mellrichstadt, by Markus Stock.

Produced by Maruks Stock and Coronatus

Song Titel Running Time (min:sec)  
1. Saint Slayer 04:12 >Show lyrics<
2. Fernes Land 03:39

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3. A Dead Man's Tale 04:45 >Show lyrics<
4. Sie stehen am Weg 03:21 >Show lyrics<
5. vor der Schlacht 04:51 >Show lyrics<
6. Hateful Affection 03:31 >Show lyrics<
7. Part I - Der Kleriker 05:13 >Show lyrics<
8. Part II - Das zweite Gesicht 04:24 >Show lyrics<
9. Part III - In Signo Crucis 06:17 >Show lyrics<
10. Der letzte Freund 05:24 >Show lyrics<
11. Traumzeit 04:18 >Show lyrics<
12. Terra Incognita 04:32 >Show lyrics<