Raben im Herz


Release: December 4, 2015

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Barcode: 4028466109262

Band Members:

Carmen R. Lorch Vocals, Vocals (choirs)
Anny Maleyes Vocals, Vocals (choirs)
Olivér D. Guitars
Mats Kurth Drums

Guest/Session Artists:

Frank Schmidt Vocals (choirs)
Susanne Bachmann Vocals (choirs)
Ally Storch Violin, Fiddle
Pinu'u Remus Keyboards, Orchestrations (track 7)
Dennis Schwachhofer Keyboards Orchestrations
Markus Stock Bass

Miscellaneous staff:

Mats Kurth Producer
Markus Stock Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Anja Eisfeld Photography
Jan Yrlund Artwork, Booklet

Produced in sept/oct. 2015.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Klangschmiede Studio E in Mellrichstadt, Germany.

Song Titel Running Time (min:sec)  
1. Lady of the Wall 04:42

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2. König der Nebel 06:03 >Show Lyrics<
3. Raben im Herz 06:21 >Show Lyrics<
4. Carpe Noctem 04:46 >Show Lyrics<
5. Hoffnung stirbt niemals 06:52 >Show Lyrics<
6. Seelenfeuer 04:15 >Show Lyrics<
7. Anderswelt 06:14 >Show Lyrics<
8. Cànan nan Gàidheal 05:09 >Show Lyrics<
9. Frozen Swan 07:30 >Show Lyrics<