6. The Little People of Iceland | Lyrics

Coronatus - The Little People of Iceland


Elves and gnomes and

Trolls and drawf's home

Magic island

Called Iceland

The fireland


Leprechauns and hobgoblins

All around this place

All inside these stones

In this land of fire and ice

Called iceland, the gate land


The little people

Of stormy Iceland

The hidden folk of

This magic island

Are living inside

Some rocks and hummocks

Behind the cascade

Under the hillocks


Elves and gnomes...


The pixies and the old imps

Underneath these rocks

Beyond the cascades,

By the hot wells in iceland

The fire land, the gate land


Those nature spirits

Are mostly friendly

To all of those who

Behave most kindly

However, if one

Dares to disturb them

He will regret it

And they will haunt 'em.


Elves and gnomes...


Only a few folks

Can reall see them

But in the dense fog

You might just hear them

Some silent whispering

Around their places

Will tell of their reign

Throught the ages