2. Mountain Sky | Lyrics

Coronatus - Mountain Sky


Golden eagle

Diving in the blue mountain sky

Realm of a ruler

Living on the mountain so high.


Here in the heavens,

Gliding along steep mountain sides.

In this proud living

Only pure freedom hides.



Is streaming out of the sky!

You shiver from energy,

Power runs through your veins,

Opens your mind to the high!

Feel it!

A force runs from down the sky!

Invisible golden beam

Powers your body and

Tickles your skin like a dream.


Experience of such mighty

And all heart-catching sight

Will open up ways

And channels to an unexplored height.


Natural forces

Made of a mystical kind.

Recerencing powers

Included in the deep of minds




Eagles are flying

High above the steep mountain sides.

Such a proud living

Opens up a mind so wide.



Blue mountain sky

Gliding along

The eagles won't die.

All of this pride,

All of this might,

Just feel the flow of the....