5. Beauty in Black | Lyrics

Coronatus - Beauty in Black


She is so beautiful - it hurts my eyes

Looks like an angel - in disguise

Hides her feelings - away from my eyes

No on shall see her - when she cries


And she cries, she cries


Beauty in black -

why can't you tell me

what's wrong with you

What kind of horror

you have gone through

Put down that mask

that hides your pain from me

I'm not afraid to see

beauty in black


On her way back home -

she walked through the dark

there were no others -

as she reached the park

it wasn't her own fault -

it was her fate

No one could help her -

it was too late


Searching for a holding hand -

for the open door

Warmth is what she's longing for -

got no trust no more

She was humiliated -

treated like a whore

Her life won't be the same -

as it was before


I'm not afraid to see, to see - to see

I'm not afraid