12. Josy | Lyrics

Coronatus - Josy


I am a waitress in a temple of swing, working every night until the morning begins

I see the people come, I see the people go and most of all I see the whiskey flow


Yes, in the nineteen-twenties the times are hard enough now

My friend Josy disappeared, she was a dancer here


My boss is a bandit, I know where he gets his money from: Illegal alcohol, even prostitution


My boyfriend Jonathan, he is a loyal man, truly wants to marry me as soon as he can

He says whenever he will find steady employment, he wants to get me out of this enviroment


Where is Josy? Where has she disappeared?

Where is Josy? This is a mystery!


The night of nights has finally arrived

My freedom shall no longer be deprived

But just when Jonathan tried to walk off with me,

my boss got a hold of us, and caught us suddenly


Where is Josy?

Where is Josy? This is a mystery!


A ghost took the bullet for me and so she saved my life

But how can this be possible that I see Josy's eyes?

Yes, in the ninteen-twenties the times are har enough now

Who will survive until the end? The dead girl's friend!