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Cast My Spell Songtext / Lyrics

#6 - Cast My Spell

Fourty nights and fourty days - I've been waiting for this hour
That I meet you at this place - and deprive you of your power
I know that you've been enchanted - since the day that we first met
Finally destiny's granted - us this night we won't forget

Can you feel me when I take your breath away
Angels calling cause they want to hear you pray

I can hear the angels of love, I feel near the heavens above,
I will cast my spell on you.
Time stands still, the air heated well, wine and candles spread out their smell,
on you I will cast my spell.
At midnight earth and heaven unite, raising lust to infinite might,
I will cast my spell(, I will cast)
on you, I will cast my spell on you tonight.

The stars came out tonight, never I have seen them shining
The stars came out tonight, never I've seen them shining so bright

You've been with me in my dreams - invited me to paradise
Dinner's boiling and it seems - you have composed with love and spice
Our skin so hot, salt's in between - dessert takes place one floor above
In the dark I'll play your queen - we won't forget this night of love


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